I posted this comment on this Wired article today:

It’s clear that people still don’t get the potential of augmented reality. The fact that the media keeps comparing it to Oculus indicates that they don’t get it either. The use cases for AR and VR are entirely divergent. Oculus will be all about immersive movies and gaming while AR is about the overlay of images and information on the real world. What Magic Leap promises to do that Glass cannot is provide 3D imagery that interacts with one’s surroundings and obey the physics of those surroundings. Note how the elephant GIF depicts a technological sensory awareness of the hands as a surface on which the elephant can stand. That’s REALLY hard to do and is the holy grail of AR (along with finding a form factor for spectacles that people will embrace). Once you nail this, AR becomes a hands-free medium for executing guided tasks, presenting information about objects, people and places in the field of view, gaming and… yes, advertising. Read More →