My recent neglect of the Augmera blog can be attributed to an exciting new project I’ve been working on over the past several months. This project is focused on the augmented reality smart glasses market. The AR glasses industry is still in its infancy. It is predictably fragmented as the products themselves take on different form factors, utilize an array of features and exhibit a range of technological sophistication. It may take several years for the marketplace to sort out what AR glasses should do, what they should look like and how much they should cost.

To address this uncertainty, I have developed the Augmented Reality Glasses Buyer’s Guide. The guide is a free, interactive online knowledge base that explains the key technological components and their roles in rendering AR experiences. The guide currently contains over 45 products that are on the market today or are in development and have promise to hit the market in the near future. At the heart of the guide is a database that I have been developing for the past several months. This database contains nearly 50 data points about each product. Users can interact with the guide to filter the products across many criteria. The guide also facilitates the side-by-side comparison of products by these features.

The Augmented Reality Glasses Buyer’s Guide is to make its official debut at the 2016 Augmented World Expo on June 1. It is officially published by who also puts on the Expo. It’s founder, Ori Inbar, inspired me to create the guide and provided invaluable guidance, feedback and promotion. 

The marketplace is certain to continue to move quickly and I plan to keep the site up to date to include new products as well as update existing products. Companies that make AR glasses can provided new and updated information by communicating this to me at I also intend to expand the number of data points that are being tracked in the database to include the more esoteric specifications.

The site is now live and you can view it at Be sure to come back to this post to let me know what you think. Happy browsing!

david a. smith wearality2

At last month’s Augmented World Expo I had a chance to sit down with David Smith, CTO and co-founder of Wearality, for a conversation about how the Sky open source headset came to be. I had never heard of David or Wearality prior to arriving at the conference. During my first lap of the Exhibitor Expo I came across the Wearality booth, which was really just a high table with a poster hanging behind it and a few early production samples scattered about. The appearance was decidedly more start-up than established business. Next to the table was a man (who turned out to be David Smith) exuberantly extolling the virtues of his product to an attendee. The other company representatives were also deeply engaged, so I poked around at the plastic lens framesets sitting on the table but didn’t have any context to understand what I was looking at. It didn’t seem that I would be able to get attention any time soon so I moved on.

Shortly thereafter I found myself at the Smart Glass Introductions conference session where founders and executives from nine AR and VR glasses makers were given a few minutes each to promote the progress on their products. When it was David’s turn, he took the stage with no slides to show, no demo and no rehearsed spiel — a disposition that matched the sparse vibe of his booth. With the confidence of a quarterback, he launched into a brief promotion of the Wearality Sky that made the product sound absolutely revolutionary. “We think this is a game changer, in fact we know this is,” he pronounced. Read More →