I was wowed by the revelation of the Cicret Bracelet which promises to “make your skin your new touchscreen”. The design includes a pico projector embedded in a thin bracelet that uses an array of 8 proximity sensors to sense where the wearer is touching the screen image from their connected smart phone. The demo simulation in the video is slick but not does not accurately depict the occlusion of the projected image that would take place each time the arm is touched. The idea is otherwise very exciting.

However, it is my opinion that the pico projector technology is not yet small enough to fit into this form factor. Fitting enough battery to run such a projector for any significant amount of time would also be unlikely. Note that to make use of this gadget you would need to shave your arms as the demonstrator in the video apparently has. Cicret is being crowd funded but is operating the funding themselves rather than using one of the Kick Starter-like sites. There is no offer of reward for those who fund the project nor is there any way to know if the donation is actually being invested in R&D. There is nothing about the team proposing to build this nor is there any real contact information indicating where your money may be going. As cool as the gadget would be if created, there is nothing here to give me confidence that it will ever happen. I challenge the folks at Cicret to better establish credibility before asking me to give them my money.

One Thought on “Is the Cicret Bracelet a Good Bet?

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